6 of the Best Agencies Powered Saas Onboarding Videos

Onboarding Videos

The demand for creating onboarding videos has risen in recent years as companies are looking to spend more time on customer experience and less on marketing. 

Some agencies specialize in creating user onboarding videos, while others make product demo videos and user onboarding training.

These services allow you to focus more time on your product rather than spending countless hours trying to decide how to create an onboarding video, which is crucial in building your brand.

We use onboarding videos to:

  • Express, describe, and explain a product, service, concept, brand, company, or message,
  • Teach new users and encourage recruits to purchase your product,
  • Assist, inform, and train customers. This way, we provide the best user experience for them,
  • Allure new customers
  • Enhance customer retention

Supporting new users also means teaching them what they need to do. If it’s not clear from the onboarding process, they might struggle or even churn. 

Post Funnel found that 30% of churn is caused when a customer doesn’t see the product’s value in their use of it.

If your customers don’t understand the purpose of your product or its benefits, you can be sure that you’ve got a new problem on your hands. 

As they get acquainted with it for the first time, customers should immediately grasp how your product will put their lives in order.

So here are some of the top onboarding videos and what they can offer you


Scheduled File Delivery Setup Tips from Content Beta on Vimeo.

They use a hybrid video, with a natural person walking you through the different aspects of their service. They use actual screenshots to show you their platform in a relatable and understandable way.

Basecamp Intro and Overview: 

Basecamp uses a clean screengrab video to showcase their platform and directly showcase their platform and how one would use it. It revolves more around using Basecamp, which has an exciting aspect of showcasing the product’s value, making it more enticing. 


Uber – Driver Onboarding – Animation from MediaMonks on Vimeo.

Uber called onto MediaMonks to create the go-to how-to video for Uber Drivers around the world. The two-and-a-half minute animation combines bespoke illustrations with the actual Uber Driver interface to familiarize first-time drivers with the app. 

Pretty and practical, the animation delivers valuable information in a way that shows drivers what to do and how to do it best.


V15 Chirotouch_Creating a Patient Case from Content Beta on Vimeo.

With video agency Content Beta, ChiroTouch was able to produce their onboarding videos at a lightning-fast pace. Since the video shows that the devil is in the details, it offers clarity and connects very well with their customers.


With the help of production company Common Craft, Dropbox made an explainer video for a young, relatively unknown startup: Dropbox. 

Shortly after the video was completed, this two-minute and seventeen-second explainer was placed onto the front page of Dropbox.com. 

For many years, this video persisted front and center where, according to Dropbox, it was viewed and supported growth massively. 


Wix uses tooltip videos to teach its customers how to perform everyday tasks. In this case, they show customers how to add text – something much easier to understand visually rather than verbally describing it.

Final words: 

All things considered, when getting your customer onboarding video made, keep in mind that some of the best customer onboarding videos are short and to the point. 

They help explain to the customer what they need to know and make them excited about the service.

The three common errors that people make when including a video in their onboarding emails is that they:

  •  focus on too many features,
  • use too many words to describe something,
  • show an image that is unrelated to the topic.

Customer onboarding videos can be a valuable tool to use when it comes to easing the process of signing up for your product or service. It is vital to create a roadmap for your customers. 

These videos must be personalized, and not general to be helpful to the customers. They need to have a specific direction with steps that the customer can follow and personally relate to. 

The content should also be easy to understand, which can be achieved through simplifying content, not using business jargon, and using more visuals. 

With that said, you will have yourself a killer onboarding video!

This post has been written by Gautam Bhat, Growth Marketer at Content Beta.

Content Beta converts product docs into studio-quality product demos and how-to videos to improve product usage and faster feature adoption.