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Creating brand equity starts with establishing that your brand stands for something so that your top line lifts the bottom line.  Founder and CEO Joanne Z. Tan leads teams of experts to DECODE brand DNA, vision, business model, market positioning, etc. We then CREATE brand strategies, structures, and stories, to AMPLIFY your brand with content (verbal and visual) with videos, original blogging, websites, SEO, influencers marketing, AI-enabled content online marketing, social media, LinkedIn, etc., to build your brand recognition and stature.

We excel at 1) decoding brand DNA with a proprietary, multi-disciplinary process, 2) creating original, strategic, and powerful content, and 3) producing brand promotional videos that anchor outstanding websites custom-coded by our 10 Plus Brand Teams.

JOANNE Z. TAN is a featured speaker globally & nationally on brand building and digital marketing. She architects comprehensive business brand strategies to build brand equity, thought leadership, long and short-term goals. For 10 years, she has led the evolution of 10 Plus Brand from a visual branding firm to a full-service brand consultancy, content creation, and marketing agency. She has a law degree and was a professional journalist, editor and designer. Joanne mentors startups and hosts her podcast series “Interviews of Notables & Influencers.”

OUR CLIENTS: B2B, B2C, services or industrial, small & mid-market companies, CPA, engineering, law firms, commercial insurance agencies, CFOs, management consultants & executive coaches, technology disruptors, funded startups in areas such as AI, SaaS, healthcare, AR/VR, pharmaceuticals, clean tech, sustainable energy,  AgTech, blockchain, etc. Examples: We doubled attendance & revenue for a private museum owned by a multi billionaire, with our TV & cinema ads, PR & media campaigns.  We expanded an insurance agency’s clientele from local to national, in all 50 states.

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