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20/20 Visual Media is a Philadelphia based full service video productions company that specializes in the creation of long and short form content for television, corporate, educational, and not-for-profit clients. In the last several years, we have produced a seven time Emmy nominated television series for Comcast SportsNet in the greater Philadelphia area. We have also helped to create countless commercials, marketing videos, and web assets for a host of high profile clients and small businesses. Bottom line: we love storytelling. And we feel very fortunate to be able to help people connect with their audiences through our brand of innovative video creators.

20/20 Visual Media is a video production company made up of passionate storytellers. We have created meaningful, effective video messaging delivered across every digital platform. We’ve documented stories around the country and the world, all while staying true to our core belief: that everyone has a story to share. From the largest consumer brands to the smallest non-profits, the approach we take with each client is the same.

Our specialties include: Videography, Commercials, Documentaries, Television Production, Non-Profit Video, Marketing Videos, Television Series and Corporate Videos.

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