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ADI Marketing specializes in helping companies maximize their business development opportunities. Our pro-active, business-to-business marketing programs assist companies looking to reduce their sales cycle and improve results. Pro-active marketing can help your company build a substantial presence with both clients and prospects, and in addition accelerate revenue growth. In many organizations, there is a need to improve capacity through increased sales or business development.


  • Scheduling Sales Appointments for our clients at the highest decision-maker level appropriate with the product or service being represented.
  • Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys to assist our clients in determining strategies for specific initiatives.
  • Registering and confirming Seminar Attendance.
  • Using Market Research to uncover ways to help you do business better.
  • Providing Database Maintenance and verification to assure contact reliability.
  • Conducting Lead Qualification to provide our clients with targeted potential business opportunities.
ADI Marketing
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