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Alea Advertising... where creativity and media meets.


We are a full service marketing agency since 2008, we have provided an excellent service to our clients based on a deep knowledge of radio, tv and online advertising.

A team of professionals with a high level of passion for customer service and B2B marketing services.

Our founder Broderick Zerpa is a versatile professional with a career of 17 years in the media outlet field which has given him the knowledge of what clients need when it comes to hire a brand marketing agency for their services or products.

Our Marketing Director Marianella Carrillo has managed for more than 15 years successful relationships among clients and their backgrounds in order to establish effective advertising campaigns. Her areas of expertise are  radio, tv and online advertising, how to use social media for small business, as well as media buying for B2B clients, SEO, Google Ads, PPC marketing campaigns.

We can develop a marketing and advertising strategy that suits your needs. An online marketing campaign based on the DNA of your brand and we will display it on the media outlets where your target audience is.

We are real human beings: people with passion for creativity on the media market with proof successful campaigns on our portfolio to make your campaign be one of ours!!

Your personal/corporate brand recognition says it all and with Alea Advertising that objective will be met.

Alea Advertising: where creativity and media meets.

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