Automated Office Solutions


Automated Office Solutions was founded in 1983 by Robert G. Parsons along with his father, Robert L. Parsons.  The company originally began selling, servicing, and providing training for CPT word processors to companies around the Evansville, Indiana tri-state area.  As computers began to become more prevalent, Automated Office Solutions transitioned with the technology and sold and serviced business computers.  One of our early specialties was Novell operating systems.

In the early 1990’s Automated Office Solutions began teaching certification classes for Novell, and then Microsoft. Today, Automated Office Solutions has continued to evolve with technology and business needs and is now a leader in the Tri-State area in managed service, printing solutions, network consulting and training.

We have seen many of our clients grow over the years, many of which have continued doing business since the company’s inception in 1983.  Our longstanding relationship with our customers is testament to our outstanding customer service and customer-centered way of doing business. Our employees are what make this possible.

Automated Office Solutions
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