Azul Arc is an award-winning digital product design and development company with a soft spot for good food and good people. We combine creative, UI and strategy expertise in Atlanta with programming development in Mumbai to give you the perfect technology solution. Over the past decade we’ve expanded our small team of developers to a group of just over 50 multidisciplinary experts.

Our specialty? Developing customer-facing applications. Whether it’s a custom web application, mobile app or a website, we’re passionate about using technology to simplify the connection between you and your most important stakeholders.

Our philosophy? If it’s not easy to use or implement, we’re not doing it right. Watching you succeed is why we do this every day.

Our culture? We are one team. We’re proud of our diversity and believe that we deliver a better product because of it. (The skype parties and international team builds aren’t too bad either.)

Check out some of our favorite company moments below.


  • Strategy & UX
  • Mobile Apps
  • Business Applications
  • Websites
  • Visualization & 3D
  • Proprietary Solutions
Azul Arc
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