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Architecting the digital. Interfaces. Websites. Brands.


Báchoo is a Kyiv-based design studio founded in 2015. Employing a team of over 30 and catering to SMEs in the digital domain who are unafraid of unusual choices that set them apart, increase their exposure, and maximize potential. Taking great pride in being unconventional, we design, write, craft, and develop exceptional award-winning websites, SaaS, and mobile applications.

01 Websites that spotlight your business

Building your online presence that beautifully hits the spot.

02 E-commerce that shows your product to the world
Unique shopping experiences for unique brands and products.

03 Digital products people care about
Architecting your idea into an intuitive yet beautiful interface that delivers.

04 Branding that speaks for itself
Developing your business’ identity that transmits your message through any media.

We are interbatuonally acclaimed:
13 AWWWARDS (including Mobile of the year)
8 CSSDesign awards
3 WEB Challenge awards
26 Behance awards
2 MUSE Creative awards
2 VEGA Digital awards

We are trusted by our clients, which are Mercedes AMG, Airfox, Polibius, TSM, HURU, and many more.

When your ideas are fused with our creative logic, design, and technology, this is when you really start to Báchoo.

*Báchoo [‘ba:chu:]
— verb. (Ukrainian) to see

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