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Our ability to transform a message into a visual brand experience is a product of understanding, thinking, and delivering designs which are creative, business savvy, and of uncompromised quality.

We understand the message must look good but we also firmly believe it needs to generate results as well. It is this precise understanding that makes our designs exceptional – A unique combination of thought and strategy coupled with creative flair and uncompromised perfection.

Since 2003 we are partnering with our clients in order to create award-winning experiences. Our ability to transform a message into a visual brand experience is a product of understanding, thinking and delivering designs which are creative, business savvy and of uncompromising quality.

Branding is a significant aspect of any business. It is not just a logo, a slogan or pretty colors. A brand strategy requires a thorough understanding of how best to communicate messages to a target audience. A branding process includes (but is not limited to) a brand strategy and messaging platform, finding the proper brand story, defining the core values, a visual concept, general look & feel, logo design, color palette, typographic rules and much more.

Our expertise is in creating meaningful, innovative and up-to-date digital experiences. We create desktop and mobile applications, websites, presentations and more. We believe technology plays a very important role in digital products, but that it is also merely a tool intended to support the user interface and experience. By engaging with its users, design and user experience can turn interest into conversion and transform the display of the users’ device to a sales tool.

We love letters and fonts. Typography has always been a fundamental aspect of our design. Since the very beginning of our activity, we created fonts, corporate typefaces, typographic projects and web fonts. We are constantly being invited to lecture about typography and to lead Hebrew typography workshops for foreign companies. Throughout the years, our typographic work has been awarded internationally by some of the most important magazines, publications and competitions.

All the websites we create are fully flexible and dynamic. We want our clients to be able to control their content in their own time and according to their personal requirements. Our development team creates a pixel-perfect code, SEO-oriented and fully customized CMS (Content Management Systems. Among our development services we provide website development, e-commerce arenas, online shops, smart content interfaces, html5, php, WordPress tailor-made websites and more.

Bee Creations
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