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Binaria is a Digital Marketing Agency with more than 20 years experience. We started back in the day when doing banners was innovative and online advertising was offline marketing’s little sister. Nowadays we’re doing a lot more: Inbound Marketing, SEO, Adwords, Social Media, Development, Media… and you can’t really refer to advertising as digital or conventional anymore but more to advertising in a digital world.

Binaria is a team of Senior Professionals who want to deliver an excellent service to our clients. We believe in a job well done, in responsiveness, in constant improvement. We focus on being on top of every situation, working fast to help our clients to also react fast to the market updates and resolve projects in less time. Nevertheless, we also give an extreme importance to deliver quality along with solutions.

Our proposal as an agency builds over two main values: outstanding design and excellent technical production. Without this, no project can meet its goal: for the user to understand it, use it and enjoy it.

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