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BIZTECHNOSYS, is an enterprise solution provider, specializing in ERP, CRM, CMS, Sitecore, ODOO, LMS, Ecommerce, DevOps, Cloud solutions. Founded in 2012, with a vision to offer cost effective, creative & innovative, MADE IN INDIA – IT solutions for clients world-wide. Our research based strategic thinking and client-centric delivery model helps us optimize process and progress.

We specialize in big data for data mining, data cleaning, data analysis and visualization. We offer custom solutions for industry verticals like FMCG, Solar, Automotive and more. Our team of experts provide consulting solutions to any data related issues.

We deliver end-to-end solutions for Enterprise level application development using Sitecore, VTiger, ODOO, Technology. We offer resource support, of ODOO, Sitecore, Umbraco and ASP.NET developers to the digital/creative agencies. Our developers are certified, client-centric professionals.

We’ve led numerous enterprise-level initiatives to success, and have completed projects for clients in the Travel, E-commerce, Finance, Marketing, Automotive and Public Sectors.

We are happy to assist our clients through the Discovery phase and suggest the best tools for successful project implementation. Most of our work is completed under NDA and we are happy working either as a known outsourcing provider or as part of the client’s organization.

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