Blend Marketing


We’re a full-service marketing agency passionate about helping tour & activity businesses grow.

We work closely with business owners and leadership to align strategy, branding, and marketing in order to foster growth and profitability.


Your marketing is most effective when it’s in full alignment with who you are, what experience your audience wants, and how you’re positioned in the marketplace. We make sure your team and ours are fully aligned on all of those answers.


The way you look and sound should evoke the same emotions that your tour or activity creates in your guests. We creatively bring your experience to life across all media, faithfully representing your brand at every customer touchpoint to inspire action.


We help people find, enjoy, and share great experiences like yours. We promote and nurture your brand across all marketing channels, and we measure and analyze the outcomes so that you know your return on investment, and we know what next steps to take.


Your website is your primary touchpoint for many of your guests. We design and develop sites that inspire people to book with you, and make it easy for them to do so. Our sites are as search engine friendly as they are customer-friendly, because being found is half the battle.

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