Boldare is an agile-powered company with 17 years of experience in the international software development market.

Boldare helps companies at each stage of the product development cycle: from ideating with a prototype, testing a product with an MVP, to finding a product-market fit and finally, scaling.

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At Boldare, we support our clients at every stage of software product development, from the first glimpse of a great idea to the final product and beyond. Our philosophy is based on a combination of the lean startup approach and the agile scrum framework. Our goal is to deliver digital products that generate value to companies and users. In line with that, we have split the whole product-building process into a few, crucial phases, in order to:

  • Fit people adequately to a job that they want and are cut out to do.
  • Organize our work effectively.
  • Provide our clients with their desired product without wasting money.

We called this process: Full Cycle Product Development. To put it into practice, we created three teams that worked on different stages of the product-building process. Each team has its own goals and deals with various challenges that are connected with its particular stage of FCPD.

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