Bonfire Effect

We help attract and engage customers with strategies and storytelling that fuels business growth.


Bonfire Effect is a Colorado-based agency dedicated to helping companies attract, engage, and maintain customers to fuel business growth. Services include brand strategy and messaging, visual identity and corporate image, campaign strategy and implementation, web development, marketing automation, content creation, email marketing, account-based marketing, event strategy and promotion, and consulting. For more information, visit or call 970.669.8000 to schedule a fireside chat.

The Bonfire Effect™

We like bonfires, and not just because they’re a reason to sit back, sip whiskey, and enjoy good company.

For us, bonfires represent a powerful approach to effective marketing and purposeful lives. Think about it… You might start small with just a spark of an idea. But you gather a few resources and take the leap. After a while, more people take notice because you’re burning so brightly. Perfect strangers from all around want to join the experience. Conversations flow. Relationships are forged. Sparks fly. Inspiration abounds. No one wants to leave and no one wants it to end.

So pull up a chair… Let’s start something.

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