Interactive. Something that is designed to deliver a response whenever it receives an impulse, requiring togetherness or cooperation. In communication, it’s not about being online or offline. It’s not about digital or print. It’s not about techniques or media. It’s not about just being creative or different. It’s about creating a conversation, it’s about connections, it’s about meaning. Brands need to be interactive to become relevant to their potential customers, clients, users – to their peers.

At By, we’re committed to create this connection between the brand and its target. We believe brands and people share the same genesis: both have personalities, both communicate, both relate to different types of individuals, both want to be relevant and leave their mark. It’s our daily challenge to define how to and the tools we use to do so are ever changing.

Only one thing is certain: everything we do is led by strategy, inspired by innovation and spiced by creativity. We debrief, develop and deliver. We create meaning with results – for brands and for people.

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