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Leading Full-Stack, ‘A-to-Z’ Amazon Agency


CANOPY Management is the Leading Full-Stack, ‘A-to-Z’ Amazon Agency of over 80 Amazon Experts – dedicated to helping Brands scale their businesses, gain market share, and become Kings & Queens of their Category!

As a certified “Great Place to Workin 2020” CANOPY attracts top minds across the industry. From world-recognized experts and former Amazon executives to multi-million dollar sellers and experienced, accredited professionals. Amazon’s best and brightest are all brought together under the CANOPY for one purpose – to help sellers overcome their toughest obstacles to growth…

…and it shows!

Year over Year, CANOPY has been able to consistently grow Amazon Brand Profit by 87%, and boasts a 98% Partner (client) retention rate.

With unparalleled experience and genuine investment in our Partners’ success, CANOPY is the quiet force behind some of Amazon’s most successful brands!

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