We Create Brand eXperiences


A brand without cultural resonance is a commodity.
A brand without commercial success is an exercise in vanity.
A brand that blurs the lines between these two forces? Now we’re talkin’.

We believe connecting to the lives of people is what matters most.
We Create Brand eXperiences designed for cultural and commercial impact.
We know it’s only rock-n-roll (but we like it, like it, yes we do).

CBX is a brand and design agency with offices in New York City and Minneapolis. CBXers come from diverse backgrounds with an eclectic range of talents and expertise. However, all share an intense curiosity about the world, empathy for others, and a slightly off-the-wall we-are-going-do-this attitude.

We specialize in brand strategy, purpose and meaning, architecture, identity design, packaging design, naming, experience & activation, and innovation. We work with B2C and B2B brands across food and beverage, personal care, retail, private label, life sciences, home goods, telecomm and technology.

Give us call. We’ll talk. 212-404-7970.

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