In 2009, CG Design was established as a design and print media studio to help small businesses, nonprofits and corporations achieve a brand and identity in the community through visual communication.  At CG Design we understand that our clients need to be set apart from the competition.  Striving to accomplish this goal, CG Design intentionally works to create a product that will resonate throughout our client’s target audience.  We do this by transforming design concepts and ideas into a clear and concise visual image.

With today’s market flooded with competitive designers, CG Design focuses on prevalent niches that allow our clients to be viewed both professionally and desirable in their perspective market.

Simplicity is key.  CG Design keeps the designs simple yet creative and relevant to the vision of our client’s mission.  With this process we capture the essence of what our client is seeking in a way that speaks to an audience from its point of view.  CG Design’s hope is to serve our clientele with excellence leaving them satisfied beyond imagination.


  • Branding & Design
  • Digital Media
  • Printing
CG Design
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