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Real people tell the best brand stories. Let's tell yours.


CLEVER was established in 2009 as the first full-service influencer marketing agency. We built our business on the belief that real people tell the best brand stories. And after more than a decade, we’ve never strayed from that belief.

As industry pioneers, we’ve defined the influencer space and led by example. From writing the quintessential guide on influencer marketing to founding the Influencer Marketing Association, we proudly set many of the standards that are now considered industry-wide best practices.

While our industry has changed wildly over the years, one facet remains true: influencer marketing is part art, part science. The science is easy — we all have access to the same platforms and tools, databases and metrics. The art is much harder. Creators are humans, not ad units, and managing creators takes care, trust, nuance, dexterity, and experience.

CLEVER has partnered with thousands of creators and hundreds of companies, building stunning programs that deliver meaningful results.

As consumers grow ever savvier, it’s real people, real voices and real stories that we remember.

Let’s tell yours.

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