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CMYK is a Brooklyn-based creative agency specializing in digital solutions such as design and development (web, mobile, installation), content creation (video, animation, print, infographics), and experiential design (events, live space productions). With all of our projects, we focus on designing multi-dimensional experiences, producing creative solutions, and cultivating healthy cli- ent relationships.

Everything we design, develop, and produce starts with a great story. By looking at projects holistically, we are able to craft the right narrative, for the right audience, in the right way. We focus on making product messaging go beyond the screen and embed itself into the emo- tions of your audience, and we do this in new and unex- pected ways. We don’t use templates or a cookie-cutter approach—every project and client requires a custom-fit solution, and we think through all possible variations to achieve exactly what you want.

When you work with us, you’re actually working with us— not ten different people, in ten different places, respon- sible for ten other people. We love the relationships we build with our clients and think of them as part of our family. This creates a more productive, collaborative pro- cess—and a better final product!

When we design and develop, we create an intuitive system that empowers both the user and the client. We value creating the most engaging experience possible, while at the same time providing our clients the tools and systems they need to fully control, update, and manage their project—and by extension their brand.

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