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Reuben, our co-founder, started Cobra Digital more than three years ago after becoming increasingly frustrated by poor-quality leads. Prior to becoming a media buyer, he was working in sales at now business partner James’ solar company. Having been self teaching as a media buyer for a couple of years on the side outside of his sales career he presented James with the idea to make the switch from cold calling to hot data generated straight off digital advertising networks. This was in a time when almost no one was doing this. The results were incredible and rocketed the solar company to becoming one of the biggest installers in Australia.

As time wore on they noticed that other companies began to buy warm/hot leads from digital marketing companies. The lack of quality, professionalism and integrity in lead generation was staggering. Reuben and James saw an opportunity to change how lead generation was done in Australia. From this platform – Cobra was formed.

From the beginning until now they had one goal – to simplify lead generation. Fast forward to today and Cobra Digital sells leads to Australian (small businesses to public companies) and international clients in over six key verticals and boasts a specialised team of over 19 full-time staff.

We could tell you how much revenue our leads are responsible for with our clients each year but we don’t want to be like all the other marketing companies out there flaunting numbers (mostly incorrect). We will let the results speak for themself.

Cobra Digital
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