When used appropriately, social media and digital marketing provides a “megaphone” that amplifies your authentic value in order to make more meaningful, human connections. Through the power of our strategies and the talents of our team, we offer the power of the latest innovative marketing tools without requiring you to learn how to use them, nor the necessity of recruiting and training your own personnel. We invite you to outsource with ease and enjoy the results with a minimum of hassle.


From cost-effective websites; to bite-sized digital marketing strategy packages; to new forms of social video production; to online courses, books, and other educational offerings, we are doing our best to be of service in ways that are as fun and easeful as possible.


ComBridges’ founder and creative director, Jon Leland, is a true media innovator.

In the early ‘70’s, Jon created the first audience-specific radio network. In the ‘80’s, he founded the creative services department at the cable TV’s USA Network.

Launching his own company in 1985 in NYC, The Leland Company won a series of corporate and educational video awards and, among other things, collaborated with The Hunger Project to help the world better understand the distinction between famine and chronic persistent hunger. That video was shown worldwide and translated into 13 languages.

When digital video was born in the ‘90’s, Jon helped bring video professionals up-to-speed with two educational video productions.

As he transitioned from New York to California, Jon founded ComBridges whose early projects included two vision-of-the-future videos for Pacific Bell that illuminated the coming of broadband communications, and an interactive TV prototype for Oracle was featured at Disney World’s Epcot Center.

Now, thanks to the Web, the best is yet to come.

By leveraging innovations like YouTube, Facebook Live, webcasting, and webinars, we are delivering on the promises of those early days of digital video and video on social media; and ComBridges is opening “doors” for small business digital and video marketing that no one could have dreamed possible.

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