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Not just independent people, an independent network.
As the largest independent agency in New England today, we are concerned with our clients’ bottom lines, not a holding company’s bottom line.

There are some things only humans can do.
When Steve Connelly, creative director and copywriter, established Connelly Partners in 1999, he set out to do one thing: to show the world that good people can do exceptional work. We’re hard at work leveraging empathy, innovation and intuition to produce creative solutions. Which leads to work created for good people, by good people. That’s why we call ourselves Defiantly Human. We are 170 Defiantly Human people existing in defense of humans, with an understanding of and a commitment to humans.

We believe in the power of empathy.
It is our responsibility to see the world through the eyes of our clients, their customers and our employees. We fit best with brands that aspire to be modern brands — brands who acknowledge the changing rules of marketing and want what it takes to take on tomorrow.

What we do.
Advertising & Marketing
Digital & Media
Social & Influencer
UX Design & UI
Shopper Marketing

It’s what we each of us do out there that makes us who we are in here.
With a good group of humans, anything is possible—especially good work. The way we see it: good people create good culture. And good culture attracts more great people. And with all this greatness floating around, it’s only natural that exceptional work would follow. Connelly Partners has been recognized for its workplace culture by Advertising Age, Boston Business Journal, The Boston Globe and BostInno, among others.

In an every-changing world, stability matters.
Consistency is key. Our senior management team has been invested in Connelly Partners for years ensuring steady leadership and a commitment to the company’s philosophy.

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