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Custom Native App Development
We develop custom Android and iOS native mobile apps to help your business thrive, drive revenue and grow KPIs.

SDK & libraries development
Our team develops native Android libraries and components that can be used in various applications. These components operate with a stand-alone functionality, such as AI-detection with encryption and developed to integrate easily within clients’ mobile applications.

AI and ML-enhanced solutions
Our team implements a set of AI and ML solutions, such as computer vision and image recognition, to create countless solutions that are targeted to solve multiple tasks in a wide variety of industries.

Our Projects

Food delivery apps
We’ve developed custom food delivery apps integrated with analytics at every step of the business process to help companies grow.

Our team has extensive experience building various marketplaces that serve  businesses, such as taxi services, tele-medicine, online therapy, fitness, and others.

Personal Account
We’ve developed multiple personal account applications, such as banking services, financial market apps, wallets and various products for corporate clients.

Diffco can create e-commerce mobile apps with integrated solutions for customer analytics, payments, and any other type of technical requirements your business might need.

Communication & Social
We develop applications for quick communication, such as chat apps, video & audio call services, and social applications.

We’re ready to help your business create an IoT-enhanced application for security, healthcare, smart home, remote control, and many other applications.

We’ve developed educational apps with video and audio courses, as well as contest apps to help your business expand.

Diffco has developed various entertainment applications using AI technology to offer the best video and audio experience.

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