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DMG was founded by Stephen Hodges and Dano Ehler at the beginning of 2013 to fill an urgent need for effective Programmatic Marketing in the Portland area. Both founders, with a combined 20 years of digital advertising expertise, recognized that effective and cutting edge digital solutions are in heavy demand with local and regional advertisers. The previously existing solutions were not always the best fit; technology was lagging, minimum monthly spend requirements were high and quality/ROAS wasn’t consistent.

With the creation of DMG (our proprietary Demand Side Platform and our in-house campaign management team) these solutions are now easily available to all interested clients, regardless of their advertising budget or technical understanding. DMG navigates the complexities of the Programmatic Marketing realm, translating the technology into real world applications and generating measurable results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) immediately followed Programmatic as a product offering at DMG as many of our clients needed these services. By crafting a full suite of SEO/SEM products and hiring only the best, most knowledgeable members to our team, DMG has built a powerhouse presence in this space.
Digital Mark Group
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