eDataMine is an outsourcing data digitization, document digitizing agency, based in India since 2009.


We offer a range of services such as data entry, data conversion, data processing, web research, scanning, indexing, and graphic design as per the clients’ requirements.

Data Entry
Want to control the wide range of business data. Not to worry more, outsource with eDataMine a data entry service and manage your hard copies into digital format. We offer professional data, legal documents, ebook, online, offline, product details, images, business cards and many more services for data optimisation. Digital data help to boost business productivity as well as a management process. eDataMine have a team of experts to outsource a quality, accurate and cost-effective outcome.

Data Processing Services
Data processing is not for in-house activity, as it covers the experts quality, labour cost, infrastructure and is time-consuming. The main breach of business growth and profit is a hidden cost. Outsourcing can save you from unwanted in-house expenses which are not reliable for businesses. Since 2009 eDataMine in the field of data processing, the team of qualified experts serves the accurate and error-free outcome. The main breach of business growth and profit is a hidden cost.

Data Conversion Services
Convert your existing data into a proper presentable form with our data conversion services. It improves the reusability, is easily accessible, data management and removal of unwanted data from storage. Our services include document conversion, XML conversion, book conversion, MS word conversion, OMR/OCR conversion, data validation, PDF conversion, image to text conversion, excel & HTML conversion. With a team of experts, we enhance the unformat data into an orderly format. Outsource with us and benefits of a free trial, quality services, accurate output with accuracy, efficient result and on-time delivery.

Web Research Services
To provide clients with accurate results and authenticate data, we avail on the latest technology, trends and scalable knowledge. eDataMine with a team of experienced provides accurate, cost-effective and error-free web research services. Our services include market research, internet research, lead research, product research, document research, and online research. The reasons why you prefer eDataMine to outsource web research services are your data will be secure to the quality service provider. Accuracy in work enhances productivity with accurate output. The data is under-qualified experienced experts. Since 2009 the company in the relevant field with several satisfied clients.

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