enduranceIT was founded in 2011 to provide IT consulting and staffing services to the Indianapolis community.  Since our founding, enduranceIT has been fortunate to not only provide services in Indianapolis, but also nationally.  while our focus will remain in Indianapolis, we are proud to serve all our clients, and feel honored to be working with so many prestigious and recognized companies.
Our management team comprises over 60 years of IT experience, with over 50 years of dedicated experience in the IT consulting and staffing industry.  We will continue our focus of working closely with each of our clients to better understand and meet their IT consulting and staffing needs.
One of the goals of the founders of enduranceIT was to build a business that would feed the enduranceIT Foundation.  The mission of the enduranceIT Foundation is to build a self-sustaining fund that is used to better the Indianapolis community by providing time/talent and financial support to:
  • Organizations that provide support to educate the public on the importance and benefits of physical activity and healthy eating
  • Organizations that directly provide counseling and programs for healthy living
  • Organizations that provide support for athletes to achieve their passion for endurance sports
  • Organizations that provide support for underprivileged children/adults
  • Sponsor teams participating in sporting events that help raise awareness and financial support for healthy causes
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