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Who Are We?

Fialkov Digital is a leading marketing company in Israel, specializing in digital marketing, and advanced tools on Facebook. The company has a “Google Partners” badge.

The company deals with branding and publishing in the various media, such as, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and SEO. The company has many success stories published by Facebook and other global websites.

About Me

Or Fialkov, 35 years old, founder and CEO of Fialkov Digital.

Expert in digital marketing, Google Partners certificate holder.

Gives workshops and lectures about marketing using advanced tools, for companies and individuals.

The Fialkov Blog

The “Fialkov Digital” blog updates the advertisers’ audience about the hot and most up-to-date innovations on Facebook.

From our posts – advertising on Messenger

“Lately, Facebook published new tools for advertising on Messenger, starting with ads that pick up a conversation with the page, and ending with ads that pop up on messenger as a message to anyone who ever held a conversation with the page. The new ads tool can be very powerful and generate many leads for businesses”.

From our posts – advertising on Instagram

“Facebook recently added an option to create ads on Instagram stories. The guide about all advertising options on Instagram. How to link your page with your Instagram account? What types of ads exist on Instagram? How to build ads on Instagram stories?

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