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Every organization is unique, including its strategic planning and content marketing
needs, capabilities, and objectives. As a provider, we do not offer canned services; every
engagement is custom designed to meet the organization’s specific requirements and
goals. However, most engagements do follow a similar process that is described below.

13 Point Assessment:
Our (13) Point Marketing Assessment is the first-step towards implementing real strategies
to discharge activation campaigns and streamline the operation process for the purpose of
marketing training for our clients.

This defines the scope of the consultancy agreement, and clearly defines the responsibility of the Client and responsibility of the Provider during the engagement.

Once ultimate goals are determined then intermediate objectives and the timeline for reaching them are established.

Activities to reach objectives and goals are defined and carried out, including metrics to gauge the success of particular activities in reaching the goal or goals. At the end or the engagement term, the success of the engagement will be reviewed and any final sign-off completed. This will include recommendations for future direction for the organization’s operations development and improvement.

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