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Pioneers in video software development since 2005


We help to plan your product and develop so that users love it.
Work with companies and startups to create new products and improve existing ones.

Our clients and projects:
☺ Sony Music, Virgin Records, Universal use a DJ music pool
☺ is 1st HTML5 + WebRTC virtual classroom in the world. Bronze at Brandon Hall 2017, after SAP and Dell 🙂
☺ Super Power FX has 4.6 of 5 in AppStore with 5700 feedbacks, and 30 clones in Google Play. This video editor adds super powers to videos
☺ Video surveillance system works with 2000 IP cameras for 400 US organizations. They are police departments, doctor education and child advocacy centers

Develop for all the platforms you need. We cover:

  • web
  • iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • smart TV
  • desktop
  • VR headsets

Develop web apps that work on mobile in the browser, for example video chats.

We have the right business processes you know in advance:

  1. Sales managers are the 1st level software analysts. They clarify your needs. Then give 3 results: user stories, recommended technologies, and estimate based on previous projects.
  2. Analysts clarify details and draw wireframes. They are mockups of all the pages with clickable buttons. So you can play with your app before it’s developed and make changes for cheap. Based on wireframes we calculate project time and price estimation.
  3. Designers draw clickable graphic design prototypes.
  4. Team of developers, test engineer and project manager develops the product.
  5. Team installs it on your server and helps with app stores submission. We do maintenance – part-time work on minor improvements after launch.

Write us
 to discuss and estimate your project. We give user stories and recommend technologies for free after a call. Without a call we can’t do it well, unfortunately. All the right questions in writing would have taken days and still much missed.

Reply the same work day. On weekends we rest, but if have a chance – respond too. So write us now:)

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