Gauge was founded on the idea that there should be a better way for fleet operators to take full advantage of technologies that have been rapidly evolving over the last 20 years.

With so many GPS hardware suppliers, OEM systems and third-party providers, it’s difficult for many fleet operations to develop a proper due diligence process. This is complicated even further by the fast-paced world of managing large fleets where there is never enough time in the day to keep up, let alone perform a quality due diligence process of potential technology partners. Whether you are a small fleet operator or a large multi-national business, we understand that it is challenging to find a partner who can truly address your organization’s specific needs.

All GPS companies are not created equal; the flood of companies looking for any potential target on which to install a device can be overwhelming. We hear so often that decisions are driven by price or convenience and oftentimes have lackluster results or worse.

At Gauge, we ensure that our clients benefit from the latest technology but we take it a step further – making sure that our customers get the hands-on support and training they need to succeed. With our own knowledgeable technicians in the field, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile with you. We make it our goal to achieve your goals.

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