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Genuineq is a software development studio focused on delivering custom digital products based in Romania, Europe. We work with startups and mature companies to help them build their digital solutions and grow their businesses.

We are a team of skilled specialists, from tech experts, mobile and web developers, front-end and back-end developers, to business strategists and UI/UX designers who love to build mobile and web apps. Deeply connected in the startup environment, we have participated to local incubator and various startup events, to dialogue with our clients and understand their struggles and needs.

Our services include:

  • mobile and web development
  • product architecture
  • project management
  • UI and UX design

We have built products for industries like:

  • hrtech
  • edtech
  • marketplaces
  • business apps
  • ecommerce
  • fintech

We offer customized solutions to all projects we are working on. We believe true professionalism comes from treating each project with an open mindset, carefully listening and designing unique solutions. Through our expertise and values, our mission is to become your long-term tech partner.

Founders and companies reached us to design, build and launch their successful digital products: from idea and strategy to launch. We partner with companies to build their digital products and solutions.

Do you need a web or mobile app? Drop us a line at and we will answer in less than 48 hours.

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