B2B Lead Generation - Guaranteed Results


If your B2B business needs sales generates a predictable flow of leads by creating and managing outbound email campaigns.

Industry Focus: B2B

Every target account is approved before we start so every lead we generate is with a company you want to do business with.

We have a unique approach to B2B email campaigns that engage prospects and encourages a response.

Your first lead

We take care of everything for you:

  • Leads are researched manually for maximum accuracy.
  • Third-party technology and manual processes are used to validate email addresses to ensure a high deliverability rate.
  • The inbox is managed for you, all auto-responders and referrals are emailed on your behalf saving time.
  • We create a 4 step email campaign using proven frameworks that follow up in a professional manner, improve your reputation and drive high response rates.
  • Reporting is done through Google sheets and is updated every 20 minutes. You have full visibility of every response.

Recent results:

  • UK National Printer – 180+ leads in 24 weeks
  • Coffee Roaster – 150+ leads in 12 weeks
  • Retail Technology – 120+ Enterprise leads in 24 weeks
  • Logistics company – 70 leads in 12 weeks
  • Market Research Company – 140 Enterprise leads in 24 weeks
  • Cleaning products Manufacturer – 89 leads in 12 weeks
  • Medical Device Manufacturer – 80 leads
  • Automation Platform – 118 leads
  • Brand Marketing Agency – 30 leads in 30 days.
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