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Groove Jones is a creative technology company that provides software solutions to advertising, entertainment, marketing, health, and training companies to engage with their audiences. It has a client list of numerous Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, AT&T, Comcast, HP, IBM, Intel, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Nestle, Samsung, and Under Armour.

We are artists, musicians, thinkers, creators, tinkerers, technologists, gamers, strategists, innovators, rebels, developers and most of all, digital fanboys (and fangirls) with a common interest: consistently delivering amazing, effective work for amazing clients. We love what we do. VR – We provide 360º video capture and post-production services, develop real-time render interactive virtual reality experiences and consult with our clients on strategic distribution strategies to amplify reach and effectiveness.

We are a content partner for all VR technologies including – HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Daydream + Cardboard.

AR – We are approved developers for all modern day AR wearables (Hololens, Meta, Magic Leap) and AR mobile devices (ARKit and ARCore).

– Strategic Planning and Consulting for Augmented and Virtual Reality Content and Applications
– AR Lens and Photo Filters – Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram
– Fan Engagement Experiences and Interactive Installations
– AR, VR, XR, MR development
– Mobile App Development and Design
– 360º Content Creation – 360 Videos and Interactive Applications
– Real-Time Render Engine Development
– Creative Design
– CGI and Animation
– Motion Capture
– Deployment for On-Site Activations
– Multi-Touch Surfaces and Gesture-Based Reactive Interfaces

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