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GroupBWT guides clients on their digital transformation journey, multiply their capabilities and help them to harness the power of innovation and digitalization.

Custom Web, Mobile & Software Development. We develop custom solutions of different complexity tailored to your specific needs. Our strengths are a scalable team of professionals with a proven track of successfully delivered projects, 11 years of expertise, experience in projects for different business types from startups to big size companies and governmental institutions, and a truly dedicated customized approach to all our partners.

UX/UI and Product design. To enhance your digital product, we create meaningful web and mobile designs that add value, optimize business processes, and maximize profits for our clients. Our core design services are Digital Product Development, UI/UX Consulting, UI/UX Design for Web and Mobile, Design Prototyping, User Testing. Check out our recent mobile design for Instant money transfer

Data Mining and Web Scraping. Offering a wide range of data science, data mining, web scraping, and record enrichment services, highly customized and deployed on own powerful servers at no additional cost to ensure fast data delivery.

BI and Business Automation. Serving a broad spectrum of business in various industries to help cost-effectively optimize workflows, maximize profits, and generate more sales using complex marketing and ethical hacking strategies. We are building tailored ERP systems that allow you to achieve seamless automation.

Industry focus. We focus mainly on Healthcare, E-commerce/Fintech, Retail, and Business Automation, however, we are always open to interesting projects in other domains.

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