Inkod-Hypera leads UX and UI design projects and creates interactive products. We are a team of 20 experts with over 10 years of work experience with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and hi-tech companies. We usually meet our clients at the idea-product stage and together we formulate their ideas into stunning products. We first set the product definition, then we establish the product concept. Having done that, we move on to creating the UX and UI design of the entire product interface.

When building a new product we work closely with our clients, starting with identifying their product needs to the point of defining its unique selling proposition.
We see projects as an opportunity, addressing them with the curiosity and enthusiasm of creating a user experience that generates results. Our team of UX and UI designers are dedicated to customising solutions for each and every project. We love our work and are proud of the many success stories that we share with our awesome clients.

Are you looking to build a unique product in a competitive environment? We’d love to assist.

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