ITSELECTA is an IT & Multilingual recruitment agency dealing with selection of best talent, outsourcing IT projects and building remote teams.

We provide customized solutions according to your specific needs.

We also build long-term relationships while looking for partners sharing the same values and goals.

Our international team of skilled recruiters and business developers deal with different markets with one objective in mind: solving your challenges and helping you to build internal and external teams.

Despite our original specialization in IT and Multilanguage recruitment, we able to provide high-quality services for administrative and executive positions.

In fact, during 2020 solely, ITSELECTA was able to achieve great results presenting candidates for a various set of jobs.

From our success cases, we recruited country managers for different countries, customer care representatives specialized in 3 foreign languages and IT professionals all over Europe.

Each team member has a specific project to take care of based on his or her knowledge of the market, language and educational background. The development and results of the projects

are shared daily and followed by the other recruitment team members to have an overview of the ongoing performance of the company.

Our competitive advantage is the multilingual native team which allows us to be virtually present in different European market as an extension of your company there.

Thanks to our results we have more then 50 online positive reviews from our customer and candidates (rating 4.9 out of 5).

Our committment is to make easier and better our customer’s life by delivering the right people!

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