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Jacobito Design is passionate about innovative design, accessibility and creating search engine friendly websites. We believe websites should not only have a unique aesthetic but should also be designed with user experience (UX) in mind.

The success of our clients is another passion we have. We understand that our client’s internet marketing success depends on our services. That’s why we work meticulously with our customers to drill a project design process that’s malleable enough to match any budget from the beginning.

Our General Design Process
Because we’ve outlined our design process within our internet marketing blog, we’ll be summarizing each point then link to the each post from the header of each section.

1. Project Comprehension
Project Comprehension includes Consultation, Project Planning, and Project Agreement. This starts with you contacting our Santa Fe web design company to see if we’re a good fit. We offer a free 30-minute consultation. Once we understand what your project goals are, we’ll suggest technologies that will help you achieve your internet marketing goals. From there, we’ll put together a Project Proposal based on our consultation meeting. This will roughly be used for our Project Planning and Project Agreement.

2. Design & Mockup
During the design portion of your project, we’ll acquire all the media you might have. We’ll want your logo along with a tagline if you have it. We’ll want past brochures you’ve used — any literature you have written up that could help during this critical phase. Photographs are very helpful. Once we have gotten all the media we think will assist in this phase, we’ll design a mock-up of your website. Once you are pleased as punch with the mock-up (look and feel) of your website, we have you sign off on this segment so that it’s understood that this is the mock-up you are happy with and that we are in the development phase.

3. Website Development
The development phase is when we code the approved website mockup. During this phase, we will begin collecting content. What this means is that we will be requesting all images and all written content during this time. This could be anything from brochures that you may have, to images you want to use within. Once the website is nearly complete and all to-dos have been checked, we’ll ask our clients to give a final critique. When final critique gets a pass we will move to “Pushing the Site Live”

4. Pushing New Website Live
Once a client is happy with the website we’ve created and given us the go ahead, we’ll begin backing up all files and images created during the development process. Once all backups are made from the development site, it’s time to upload all those files to the main domain our client have selected. This could be located on our server if they have signed up for our hosting service, or on the hosting provider, our clients have predetermined. Next we change the root location where the website is located on the database if a website uses a database. From there, we move files from development location to root location (main domain location).

5. Maintainance & Support
Once a website has been pushed live it should be thought of as being a living virtual brochure. So Jacobito recommends that maintenance and support be a part of your marketing game plan once you have a living website. Google likes website where content is added to and optimized so they can provide people searching the web for particular keywords with the most relevant, up to date data they’ve indexed. So included in maintenance and support we recommend search engine optimization (SEO) as a part of your game plan. Please read more about our search engine optimization services here.

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