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A Reliable Full-Service Software Development, Cloud, DevOps and QA partner


Kanda Software is a trusted technology partner helping companies to meet regulatory and development challenges efficiently and effectively. We possess industry-relevant experience and extensive knowledge in compliance, development standards and protocols, and security required to build high-quality solutions tailored to business needs of our clients.

Our work is advancing our client’s business and product strategies. Over the past two decades Kanda Software has been retained as a Software Development and QA outsourcer by many leading product and services vendors. Kanda offers a full-service analysis, design, and development organization capable of delivering complex and sophisticated solutions, while at the same time offering an extremely cost-effective approach to meeting even the most demanding deadlines.

Our methodology, proven and polished by numerous engagements, guides each project from initial analysis through design and development to final knowledge transfer.  Our continuous communication with the client guarantees that every project milestone is achieved according to established expectations. To accomplish this we assemble a dedicated team with joint goals and a sense of ownership that is tightly integrated with our clients’ business and engineering processes while our executive team provides oversight and clear communication channels. We are able to quickly scale up or down depending on product lifecycle requirements and our clients’ needs.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customer’s IP. We work with companies who live and die by their software and who have HIPAA, PCI and other compliance and data protection needs. Our approach to information protection is multi-layered and encompasses the processes, policies, and people aspects of the protection puzzle.

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