When we founded Kelsus, we had three important things in mind that have stuck with us for eleven years:

1. We love building software
A blank tab on an IDE and some morning coffee is a great way to start the day. Knowing that the software we write is ideally suited to it’s purpose is even better. This pride of craftsmanship is a core value.

2. Smart people are where it’s at
We love to surround ourselves with smart people. And not just inside Kelsus, but our clients too. Where better to find smart people than in the ranks of those that are willing to take the risks to start an entrepreneurial journey?

3. Professionals should be treated well and paid well
We’ve worked at companies that pressured employees to burnout and took advantage of salary laws to squeeze more hours out of people without paying them more. We don’t do that. We pay well, we respect time off, and we expect our clients to do the same. The best startup founders know that beyond about 50 hours a week they’re not only getting marginal returns on effort, they’re also stifling their own creativity and ingenuity.

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