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Ready for re-naming?

Ready for re-branding?

You’ve grown. Or merged. Or left your old name/capabilities/service offerings/geography behind.

Or your brand story isn’t resonating with your best prospects as it should. Revenues are on a plateau. Competitors appear above you in Google searches, and you’ve “come in second” way too often.

Your brand narrative isn’t consistent internally, either. The answer to “why should prospects choose us?” would be answered one way by the C-suite, another by sales, another by ops, another by whoever answers the phones or that guy on the loading dock. Your elevator speech is, to put it politely, inconsistent.

Ready to re-ignite?

Your brand, like every brand, must meet three imperatives: awareness, differentiation, and urgency.

Awareness is job 1, of course. They can’t choose you if they can’t find you. It’s the easiest imperative to solve because the solution is straightforward: you can build in better SEO into your digital presence, make your website more engaging, responsive and meaningful. You can even buy awareness with advertising dollars. Spoiler alert: ad budgets can be a monumental waste if you pursue Job 1 but neglect Job 2 – differentiation.

Differentiation is job 2, a far more complex strategic problem, because that differentiation must be emotionally meaningful to your best prospects. Brand loyalties are not changed by reason and logic and ten-reasons-why. (BTW, if you have ten reasons why, you’re only nine subtractions away from a usable idea.) This process demands a deep understanding of the perceptions, needs, and beliefs of those best prospects – critical insights that will surprise you.

Job 3 is creating urgency, which is easy when you do job 2, differentiation, meaningfully. If what makes you different is loyalty-busting relevant, you simply need to tell the story well to the right people at the right time with the right frequency.

Hey. We also make sure you measure the ROI of every marketing tactic. Ask us how.

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