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In 2016-2017 alone, Lafayette Instrument Company has supported customers from over 80 countries and every US state.

We are proud of the company that we have become, but our footprint was not always so large!

As a young man, Max Wastl immigrated to the United States and studied Electrical Engineering at the prestigious Purdue University. Using his education and experience as a guide, he established Lafayette Instrument Company in 1947 with a single employee and a small shed. Over time, in addition to physiological recording instrumentation and psychology testing, Lafayette began to explore the sports and polygraph markets.

With ongoing expansion came international attention, and as a result, Campden Instruments was acquired in 1998 to be an extension and complement to Lafayette’s market leading product lines. In 2016, having seen a growing need for scientifically-driven credibility assessment training, PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center was born.

Deliver industry-leading data acquisition, measurement, and analysis instrumentation and software to advance safety, security, science and medicine.

Lafayette Instrument prioritizes people and ethics above all else. We are constantly striving to innovate, perfect our products and processes, and delight our customers.

Lafayette Instrument Company
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