LaSoft is a European, business-oriented software development company that helps startups get traction and disrupt markets by building innovative applications.

5 things that make us stand out among other software vendors

  1. Unique dashboard, analytics and data visualization expertise
  2. Extensive experience in building complex SaaS application, social networks, and recommendation systems
  3. Professionally organized Scrum-based project management process
  4. Strong in-house UI/UX team with a simple though efficient design creation workflow
  5. We are one-stop-shop. It means we are capable of covering the whole product development circle from scratch. From creating UI/UX design to product architecture to development to testing to deployment, and finally to maintenance & support

Our achievements and success stories

  • Our most recent fantastic story of a successful TheSpoke project that managed to raise $500.000 with MVP made by LaSoft
  • We are among top B2B service providers in Ukraine according to Clutch

Our top 5 customers

  1. TheSpoke
  2. Call Listening Company (under NDA)
  3. TravelVisaPro
  4. AgeFriendly
  5. MinutesDepot
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