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Our agency was created to address the reality that most traditional marketing communication agencies do not work efficiently or effectively.

In most cases, these traditional business models do not provide cost-effective marketing solutions for either the client or the agency.

You should choose an external marketing resource that has a business and operational platform that can dynamically align with your opportunities — providing expert counsel and resources as your business needs change.

Leap Marketing’s success comes from constantly aligning our resources and strategic marketing services to match the client’s business opportunities, rather than just leveraging our current, in-house service capabilities.

A typical marketing communications agency views a client’s need through the eyes of its own core capabilities currently on staff.

The reason … agency profitability … pure and simple.

As a result, despite the need for a creative, expertly designed marketing solution that helps the client achieve their goals, that marketing resource may develop a creative solution that they have no idea will produce results.

What they should be offering the client is a creative, industry specific solution that incorporates best practices designed into that idea. That way both client and agency have a good idea of the expected results.

The difference is how we operate our agency.  We build a completely custom service team for your account.

That team is initially assembled to execute your existing business plan. As your business grows and your strategic plan develops, so does the members your account team.

Leap will continuously align strategic industry experts and entrepreneurial companies to supply the communications and marketing resources that your company requires.

That’s the Leap Marketing difference.

Clients can have confidence that they will have the external marketing support team they need, when their plans call for it.

This is how Leap Marketing maximizes your marketing investment dollars to create the successful marketing you need, when you need it.


Leap Strategic Marketing
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