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Lezzat is an Amazon Marketing Agency created in 2018 based in Reading, UK and Athens, Greece.

We are specialized on providing A-Z services on the Amazon platform (UK, USA, EU & Australia).

We are a bunch of Amazon sellers ourselves that got frustrated with the process of selling on Amazon, decided to provide our services so others will not face the same problems.

Our team constitutes of marketing specialists, designers, photographers & consultants that are here to alleviate the complexities of selling on Amazon.

Do you currently sell on Amazon or want to start your new E-commerce business?

Our niche services will give you some confidence boosting your sales:

Amazon Marketing Services: Optimize your product listing on Amazon

Amazon Advertising (PPC): Establishing healthy ROI on your Amazon marketing campaigns

Amazon Product Photography: Professional product photography and design for your listings.

E-commerce Marketing Strategy: Expanding into different regions and marketplaces

Get in touch with one of our experts today to find out how you can grow on Amazon.

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