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We design digital strategies and plans specifically to meet the needs your audiences look to fulfill online. We engage them in a way that will make your brand a part of their online experience. We know exactly what strategies to apply at different stages in their buying journey.

Lightspan was born in late 2009. Our founder, Mana Ionescu had been doing pro-bono digital marketing work and started noticing a pattern of social media interaction that led to online sales. A persistent and consistent daily schedule of catchy social media content and conversation was the key to success. Just like a fitness program, an hour each day could build up to significant results over time. The Daily Social Media Workouts became the core methodology and foundation for Lightspan.

Mana decided to take the methodology and start her own company. After a rewarding 7-year digital marketing career with one of the world’s largest banks, Mana set off on her own. Watch the video below to hear more of her story, from her upbringing in Communist Romania to her current Chicago home.

From the beginning, our mission has been to deliver clear and direct digital marketing solutions. We believe in marketing done with purpose, not just for the heck of it.

What does it mean to be “purpose-driven?”

It means that we don’t do digital marketing just for the heck of it. We aren’t big on flooding your head with jargon and buzzwords. We are committed to finding digital strategies that bring measurable results – and profits – to you. And we love to get the work done so we can see the results.

“There are billions of great ideas out there,” says our founder, Mana Ionescu. “We focus on taking them to fruition and profitability.”

Digital marketing is not an afterthought and social media shouldn’t be done on a whim. They are essential to an effective modern marketing strategy.

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