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As an award-winning marketing & website design company, we believe that mediocrity is the enemy of growth and challenge businesses to change the way they think about themselves and their brand. We understand that change can be scary but when done right, with purpose and passion, change can be powerful and insanely profitable!

We have a saying here at Mad Icarus…

“We are only limited by the sky if we refuse to build a ladder to the sun.”

We view the story of Icarus as one of triumph over self-imposed mediocrities and the occasional madness needed to see beyond your limitations. Icarus did not fly in the middle, no, he courageously soared toward the sun.

Remember, Mediocrity Is A Trickster

Most businesses choose to fly in the middle where they believe the risk of failure is negligible. But in reality, the greatest risk a company can take is to cruise safely in the middle and expect to stay there. To surpass competitors, businesses must be willing to adapt to their target market’s needs and take the calculated and creative risks needed to reach the sun. We want companies to embrace the hubris needed to stand atop the mountain and confidently yell “Yes, we are the best and it’s time everyone knows it!”

Lastly – and this part is REALLY important to understand – authentic digital and traditional marketing campaigns are lifeless without adaptation, empty without passion, and pointless without people willing to confront mediocrity. The quickest tell that companies need our help, creativity and fresh ideas are when they say … “This is how we’ve always done it.”

Times aren’t changing, they HAVE changed. We want to help you embrace and take advantage of this cultural shift in marketing and sales. Ready to kick mediocrity to the curb?

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