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MARCO is a global communications and public relations agency, with 10 offices on four continents and a team of more than 150 consultants from more than 18 nationalities.

The MARCO is world expert in country brand creation and has recently launched the book Country Brand, a Country as a Brand (LID publishing house), written by the company’s CEO and founder, Didier Lagae.

But MARCO is also a climate leader. We currently work for The Climate Reality Project, an initiative of former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, as well as for a wide range of clients who are equally committed to the fight against climate change, such as Anfevi, Kaiserwetter, Car2Go and Bird, among others.

For MARCO, geographical borders no longer exist in communication, it’s all about the linguistic boundaries that connect countries and continents. We communicate by appealing to emotions, in a truthful and rational way and that is why we believe in the power of video storytelling.

We understand the relationship between agencies and the media as a single team and a few months ago we bought the economic magazine Ejecutivos. We believe that marketing communications specialists and communications directors must work hand in hand, in order to create brand and reputation together.


  • Public Affairs
  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communication
  • Internal Communication
  • Influence Marketing
  • Production and Design
  • Video, Film & Sport
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