With m+g, you get decades of expertise without the sticker shock and hassle of a big agency. We are the only Denver-based advertising agency that guarantees each client direct partnership with senior-level personnel. Anchored by a powerful collection of diverse senior talent, we have a rare combination of skills under one roof. We combine world-class strategic planning, cutting edge digital marketing, and award-winning big agency creative expertise into a nimble, face-to-face, C-level, roll-up-your-sleeves kind of team.

We provide big agency smarts in a tightly-knit, personalized agency package. For our clients, that means accessible, senior-level talent working directly on the business. Typically, this is an either/or choice in the agency world. But here, you can have both.

In fact, no other Denver agency actually guarantees Sr. level personnel working on your business. Every day.

Agency staff come from both private and public advertising agency and consulting backgrounds with experience representing international clients. In 2014, mcgregor+graham Advertising Agency was created to support companies seeking marketing and advertising counsel. The agency’s emphasis is on profiling and expanding customer bases and developing national roll-outs, including franchising and licensing programs.

mcgregor+graham reflects an exceptionally practiced group, and includes every discipline within the agency vertical. It is is designed to bring traditional “Big Agency” practices to the privately-held marketplace, as the partners are formally trained in Strategic Planning and have decades of experience in working with large private and public companies.

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