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Multilingual Digital Marketing from Japan, promoting international brands in 10 languages.


In over 10 years, we went all the way from a 3 people startup to a 9+ staff agency that now manages the digital marketing for multi-billion size corporations all round the world. Our experience in the APAC markets is unique in the world for our agency size and age. Our competitiveness against large marketing corporations makes a big difference because our clients get the same (or even better) marketing reach results for a fraction of the cost.

When it comes to good decisions in Brand expansion, we have demonstrated to be the best choice for all our clients because our services save companies large amounts of investment in human resources. Why open a marketing department on each new subsidiary abroad when your company can have ONE agency to do all marketing for almost all of the world?  The total number of language speakers we can manage through online marketing reaches more than 2,000 million. Half of them in Asia alone!

Another great advantage of our services is time cost savings. What it used to be one main marketing director to communicate with international subsidiaries is now only one step communication. Saving days, weeks and even months to achieve results.

Through our services, we can immediately localize marketing content in several languages because all our staff is multilingual and has been trained to immediately operate and transfer ideas from culture to culture.
But more than marketing, the main advantage of our services is Data Analysis.

Through our internet campaigns we can acquire unique and vital information about our target individual’s behavior in several countries. The importance of that Data could be compared to allowing our clients “to see the future”

From local Japanese Government agencies to international corporations, consider allowing us to demonstrate the power that we can give your Brand. The power of international reach at low cost investment.

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